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All you need to know about ISACA CISA Certification

what is CISA certification?

CISA means certified information system auditor. It audits IS professionals that are in the position of the knowledge that enables CISA to easily identify important issues and practice customization to promote trust in the information systems. CISA promote skills and practices that are crucial for success in the information system field. In any profession being in possession of CISA shows proficiency and it is actually the basis for measurement in any profession.

CISA Certification.

  • It increases and improves the individual’s value to their organizations.
  • It is recognized worldwide as the mark of excellence and success for IS audit professionals.
  • It confirms and proves your knowledge, skills, and experience in IS audit professionals thus increasing your chances of being hired.
  • It combines the achievements of being successfully a comprehensive putting into consideration recognition of work and educational skills and experience thus giving your credibility chance in the market.
  • It demonstrates and shows that you have acquired and maintained the required level of knowledge that meets modern enterprise dynamic challenges.
  • It gives you an added competitive advantage over your fellow CISA jobs seekers when there is an increased pear in job seeking.
  • It increases the quantity of your expertise and markets it.
  • It aids an individual in achieving the highest professional standards through the requirements of ISACA’s that shows that you have been continuously been educative and you have good ethical conduct.

CISA Exam.

In order to get certified information systems auditor CISA certification, you must do the CISA exam. Many CISA exam is known to be tough. In order to be recognized successful in CISA Exam dates 2017 and CISA exam dates 2018, you must score between 40 to 50 percent. It is known to be the most difficult exam in the IT security and thus it has low pass rates.

CISA Study Material

Authorized CISA Study guiders and CISA Review manuals will help you with your CISA Exam questions, but do not forget the cisa review manual 26th edition pdf.

The following are some of why the CISA exam is difficult:

1.It is informed of certified information systems auditor CISA conventional nature which means that candidates who have very little or sometimes no experience are caught out to take the paper-based exam.

2.It doesn’t require official education. Any casual candidate can register for the CISA exam.

3.Many questions on CISA exam are about nomenclature recollection and terms used in IT security syllabus.

4.Most questions of CISA exam are subjective and ambiguous they are not based on the exam questions on the ISACA.


The officials who work at the cisa certification salary are paid according to the work they do.

The information systems audit manager is paid a total amount of $108,897.

The senior information technology Auditor gets a total amount of $85,956.

The internal audit director gets paid an amount of $136,240.

The information security analyst is paid an amount of $83,538.

The chief information security officer is paid a total amount of $174,711

The information security manager is paid $118,608.

The female salaries are 24% while the male’s salaries are 76% which means that males CISA officials are paid more than the female.


CISA Training.

ISACA CISA offers free training online especially for the cybersecurity professional who has developed an interest in the field of editing and who aims to finish the CISA certification exams successfully.

CISA online classes offer the following:

  • Management and governance of information technology.
  • Support operations and maintenance.
  • The process of auditing the information systems.
  • How to acquire develop and implement information.
  • How to protect information assets.

CISA Requirements

You don’t need too many requirements to be fit for CISA training courses. You are required to have some experience on IS audit, security, assurance and control experiences are required for Certifications. CISA online training course runs for eight and a half hours a day. After completion of every course, you are awarded a good-looking certification.

CISA Certification cost.

ISACA membership comprises international due costs which are: $135, local chapter dues which range from $0.00 to $140.00 and finally the new membership fee of $10 when it is done online.

CISA exam cost for early bird registration a member pays a total of $525 and a non-member pays $710. For standard registration, a member pays $575 and a non-member pays $760.

For one-time application, you are required to pay a fee of $50 and annual maintenance fee of $40 for members and the non-members are required to pay $65.

CISA Requirements.

CISA certification requires at least 5 years of work experience in information systems security, auditing or control.

Bachelors or master degree from a well known and recognized university that enforces the ISACA-sponsored model curriculum. At least two years of being an instructor in a university. A range of 60 to 120 completely finished university semester hours. A master degree in either information technology or information security from a well-known university.

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