Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud

To prevent fraud

Please read the notes carefully before you purchase.

The features of trustworthy IT Exam Substituting Company:

  1. Accept multiple and reliable payment solutions, including the roll-back payment system.
  2. Provide the official websites account for checking, such as VUE/Prometric.
  3. Provide Seperate payment options.
  4. No successful cases are shown on their site.
  5. Compare with the market price, the price difference will be less than 20%.

prevent fraud, prevent fraud

PassShop is a top listing website. We accept Western Union, MoneyGram and other global payment solutions. The location for our payment collection are NOT China, India or Pakistan where fraud prevails over.

Our clients never have any exam revoked because we clearly understand the checking procedures of certification issuers and the mistakes of other IT Exam substituting company. Usually, other IT Exam substituting company will simply apply the “braindrump” (model answers) on your exam answer sheet. As many candidates at the same exam centers are their clients, the certification issuer will spot a large number of plagiarism. As a result, all of those candidates will be considered as cheating and their result will be revoked. To lower the risk, we never use “braindrump” and always keep controlling the ratios of cooperative exam centers and clients.

Our service is not cheating. We always put our resources on providing the best, fast and reliable IT Exam services. We understand some companies will attract you with a very low service charge. HOWEVER, they are probably cheating you of deposit or you are placed at a very high risk. Their exam procedures are to CRACK The EXAM VOUCHER and get a FREE exam, so their cost is very low, In this case, it will be found by Prometric or VUE within several months and your exam result will be revoked.

BuyITCert.ORG has NO RELATIONSHIP with any IT exam services company. As a leading company in IT Exam Services, we know some companies keep copying our website content or layout. We regard it as an encouragement for our customers to support real BuyITCert.ORG.

Normally, only fraud companies will show the Testimonial Note or successful cases on the net. All the official copy of certifications will be delivered to the provided mailing address only. We will not collect any certifications, but provide the result checking steps. The successful cases of other companies are fake and simply downloaded from internet.

All the personal information and service records of our customers are kept at STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Once the exam is completed, all information will be removed from our system. We respect the privacy of our customers and believe nobody being willing to share their personal information or exam service records on the net.

As a trustworthy company, our cost will cover the exam fee of clients, the salary of our lecturers, advertisement and administration expense. If our clients do not pay up or cancel their exam, it will cause a great damage.

Normally, only fraud companies are willing to accept deposit payment. You will be requested to make payment to their fake bank account though western-union in China, India or Africa.

No Need to Study and Preparation
No Need to Attend any Exam
Now Get Certify at Your Home
No Need to Visit any Test Center
Get Certify Easily Without Effort!
100% Money Back, If Fails.


Only 3 Steps, Hassle free process to get IT Certified.


    Select Your Desired IT Certification or Exam you wish to Pass from various IT Certification exams catalogue we offer.


    Provide us with the necessary information that is required to have the certification in your name as well as pay the Upfront deposit.


    When the exams are finished, verify your exam status on the official vendor’s website, then you have to pay the rest balance.



24/7 Online Customer Support
100% Authentic Certificate
Pass Guarantee or Money Back
100% Secure Guarantee
Flexible Payment Plan
Over 15+ years experience

BuyITCert.ORG: Get Your IT Certification Without Stress

Making that important switch in your career may be as easy as getting an IT certificate from a reputable institution. At BuyITCert.ORG, we understand what it takes to start making money in the IT sector. That is why our services are designed to help IT specialists all over the world.

Obtaining your IT certification is one step in the right direction if you are looking for career growth. Our company is known for fast-tracking the process so that you obtain your certification in a few days or weeks. If you are busy to take your IT exam yourself, a test administrator will do it for you and the certification generated in your name. Our processes are legal, and they give most of our clients a stress-free way of adding credentials to their CVs.

What Should I Do?

For anyone who is looking for IT certification that they can be confident about, BuyITCert.ORG is definitely the best option. Look up the official website and browse the various exams that you need certification for. Once you settle on an exam, our certified test administrator will sit it. We have partnered with trusted exam centers to ensure the process is legal and secure.

Certification Procedure

Before we release your certificate to you, we will ask for your personal information, particularly the name you would wish to appear on your certificate. You will also be required to pay a deposit before a test administrator is assigned your exam. The balance is usually paid once you verify your results.

The advantage of getting your IT certification from BuyITCert.ORG is that it is hassle-free and very affordable. Above all, you will get your certification sent to you without having to worry about traveling or paying exam fees. Not only is our IT certification an easy way of getting better opportunities in the market, but it is also recognised by your potential employers.

Get Certified in One Two Three Four Five Six Days

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