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All you need to know about PRINCE2 Certification

What Is PRINCE2?

Project management is a very important course that should be at the fingertips of every individual. The knowledge is valuable and crucial for the effective and efficient management of projects. PRINCE2 which means Project In Controlled Environment is a methodological process that gives you the best skills in mastering the knowledge of managing projects at all levels hence highly recommendable to take.

PRINCE2 Courses

PRINCE2 processes normally come into three different courses that can be taught both online and in a classroom. In addition, one can select an option of taking exams or doing away with them. Each process course has a set of PRINCE2 notes that are rich in knowledge for you as the learner. The courses include the following;

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation

This package is aimed at giving you an introduction to the process of PRINCE2 2017 method of managing projects. Themes, terminologies, and principles are also explored in this package.

  1. PRINCE2 Practitioner

The package is very crucial as it equips you with important skills on full integration and application of this method in realistic project instances giving you a tangible sample of how to manage a project.

  1. PRINCE2 Agile

Agile is the third stage of the methods. This equips you with know-how on a combination of agile ways with the PRINCE2 framework in their projects. It basically combines foundation and practitioner in knowledge.


PRINCE2 is a methodology in itself that has a rigorous process, models, and templates that guide you on the precise steps to make when running a project.

On the other hand, PMP is a standard that has a load of processes and widely accepted ways of managing projects. This way, we can say that PMP acts as a guide for reference as you can evaluate the success of the method of management you use for a given project.

Based on the above, you can clearly see that PRINCE2 is more direct and practical than PMP since it acts as a manual. It dwells much on specific techniques, unlike PMP that works as a reference to methods of project management.

Importance of PRINCE2 Certification to your Career and Future

PRINCE2 Certification is very important to different people. It is very crucial to directors and executives in charge of projects, organizations, project managers and any other individual seeking to get valuable skills in the management of projects. The above parties will benefit in that they will have greater and effective control and management of resources. In addition, they will be able to manage risks in businesses and projects with ease and expertise.

If you are looking for an easy way to boost your salary through an increment, you can consider taking this course. It adds a lot of value to you and makes you a very important project resource within your organization. This will convince your boss to give you something on top of your income due to excellence in managing the firm’s project.

Your future is very crucial. Time for your retirement is coming and you will need the knowledge of prince2 project management to manage your personal projects. You will have an easy time managing your organization’s projects today as well as your personal ones in the future.

We make the process easy for our clients so that they get the knowledge. We are focusing on making you the most effective project manager.

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